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We started Mattress Matters because we wanted to provide customers with the best possible prices, but more than that.......

Not too long ago, I ( Ed one of the partners ) was in the market for a new mattress due to a major spine problem.

After doing the usual hunt at the big name stores on various retail parks and getting no joy when it came to help and price, thanks to salesmen that just wanted a quick sale and no more! I rembered the old Victor Kiam advert for Remmington, who bought the company after finding the perfect shaver for him.

So after a discussion with my business partner James, that with our expertise in online marketing and our helpful friendly nature in business, we should sell mattresses online stocking top quality products and not in a purely take your money and run kind of way.

When we founded the business, there were a few large businesses offering mattresses and a few smaller ones. The larger companies weren’t offering the best prices and the smaller companies, although much cheaper, had poor web sites which people did not trust.

We have used our expertise in ecommerce to create a great, easy to use web site which people would trust. We are working with a small number of suppliers to get the best products and with the service backbone to deliver the best service.

As sales grow, more and more suppliers want to work with us and we are now able to offer the large range of products that you will find on our site.

We’re now one of the UK’s favourite suppliers of mattresses, providing excellent customer care.

We try our best to provide easy to understand information across our web site so that you can easily compare mattresses, to find the one that’s best suited to you.

We never stop and are constantly improving the way that we work and the prices that we can offer and will never scrimp on quality.


Welcome to Mattress Matters. We love providing our customers with great mattresses at great prices. If you're interested in us, you can click here to learn a bit more.


Whether you've already bought your dream mattress or you're thinking about it, get in touch with us if you have any questions.

You can reach us via phone, e-mail or live chat via our contact page.


T Russell said about us
Fast delivery, exactly what I ordered and sooooo comfortable, thank you!