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caring for your mattressThe Best Ways of Caring for Your Mattress

You don’t need to be reminded that your mattress is a great investment that you have made for yourself in other to have a better sleep and more importantly at better health. You need to take care of your mattress, if you want it to last! Use the following tips to get the best out of your mattress.

Sitting on the same spot:
You don’t want your bed to lose its well-defined structure very early on. That’s exactly what you you’ll get, if you keeping sitting on the same spot all the time, either to put on your shoes, socks, slippers, tie your tie or dress etc. When it comes to sitting on your mattress, you don’t need to have a favorite spot, like you do with your couch, seat etc. So if you must sit on the mattress ( instead use a chair ? ) then sit in a different place each time to save it sagging.

Rotating/Turning: Even though many manufacturers recommend that you both rotate and flip your mattress regularly, as this makes for an even wear, there are beds that just have ‘one right side up’. For this type of mattress, to avoid bumps and lumps, you have to rotate it end-to-end every 2 weeks for the initial 4 months, and then 3 months afterwards. Do not flip the box spring! Rotate it every 6 months only. You can always check with the store where you bought the mattress, if you are unsure of what to do, but generally you will find that the info comes with the item you bought.

Use washable mattress or waterproof cover: Cover your mattress with a waterproof cover or any washable cover, as this would prevent it from unnecessary stains and dirt. More so, some covers make for extra padding which can give added comfort.

Never jump on it: I don’t care about your age, but if you want to have some fun jumping, please do it somewhere else! It not only damages the fibers and coils of your mattress, but also very dangerous! ☺

Always keep it clean: You should learn the habit of using a vacuum on your mattress. Giving it a neat sweep regularly keeps dust from becoming stuck into the mattress. Try dabbing it with warm and a little soapy water, whenever you spill something on it. Be careful not to get it more wet in the process. Leave it to dry off before making the bed again. This also helps with the likes of dust mites, particularly import to allergy sufferers too. Getting rid of dead skin will aid respiratory sufferers more than you can imagine, do it as often as you can for best effect!

Regular Check-up: The platform on which you place your mattress shouldn’t be neglected either. You need to keep checking the castors and legs of your mattress every 6 months to see if there is any need for more tightening. The same does for the bed frame if it is wooden or metal, as the screws can become loose over time.

Dousing smells: What’s that smell? If you have got some sort of odour on your mattress, then sprinkle it with baking soda and then wait for twenty minutes. Afterwards, make use of a vacuum to soak up the baking soda. This leaves your mattress very fresh for a good night’s rest.

In Summary: These are about the best tips you need to care for your mattress. But, no matter how you care for it, it wears out eventually, normally around 10 years. In the meantime, make use of the above tips in other to get the most out of your mattress and get it to last as long as it’s meant to by the manufacturers. We hope you enjoyed are helpful advice on how to get the most from your bed/mattress.


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