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Winter - a perfect time for a new mattress

As the nights draw in, we spend more and more of our time indoors. That, in our house at least, leads to more time spent in our bedroom. With the children hogging the television and the lack of sunlight just making us feel tired a lot earlier in the day, we escape to our bedroom for some peace and quiet.

Although we don't follow our own advice - a bed should just be for sleeping! - we're probably like most couples who, especially at this time of year use our bed to sit and watch television or read before dropping off.

Our bedroom becomes a special place of calm and comfort, and that's why our mattress is even more important. We spend a lot more time in bed at this time of year and it's important that the time isn't wasted by tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable.

Splashing Out?

A mattress is a big purchase but it's an important one and something that you should get right. Don't consider it a luxury or a frivolous buy. Just think about how important a good night's sleep is.

We all feel better after a good sleep. We wake up feeling better, happier, ready to take on the day. Consider the opposite, when you've had a bad night's sleep. For me, I get snappy, irritable and more often than not, I don't get much work done the following day because I just do not have the energy or motivation. My work suffers, my family suffer. So do not consider a new mattress a luxury, consider it a necessity.

Just In

I am particularly interested in our new range of mattresses by Breasley mattress range. The Medi-Matt mattresses are just being added to our store this week and so far, the feedback has been excellent. Made from medically-treated foam and come with a removable, washable cover.

I'll let you know which one we decide to go for.

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150802Yes, there are definitely things you need to know before you decide to go for a new mattress, such as price, size, firmness etc. Below, are 6 of the most important things you need to consider before buying your next mattress.

  1. Pricing: This is one thing you can and should always do – checking the competition is fine, but many companies will offer better service at a slightly higher cost, so don’t always choose the cheapest, do your research to get the best of both worlds!

  2. Firmness: You will agree with me that there is a common leaning towards mattress firmness; that firm mattress is perfect for the spine. Well, this is not the case! You shouldn’t confuse firmness with supportiveness – they are not the same thing. A firm bed does not ‘give in’, and that can make your spine to cave at the shoulders and hips. A less firm (softer) bed on the other hand, allows your shoulders and hips to slightly sink into the mattress, this makes for a straight spine when sleeping on your side. The best you can do is to pick a mattress that is not too hard and not too soft, but has plenty of support!

  3. Size: You have to pick the right size of mattress for your usage. Choose a king-size or larger bed if you want plenty of room to wriggle about or a plain double if you are small and stay put in your sleep. If you have a spare room, a space-saving day-bed used for both seating and sleeping would fit best. And of course for children, you will generally select a single sized one. Other options are trundle beds that start out as a single, then expand to a king size from a drawer underneath, should you have a couple staying as a guest, yet want to save space when unoccupied.

  4. Coils: More coils in your bed are not essentially better. When you start shopping, most salesmen would tell you about the two well-known types of coil/innerspring mattresses; independent coil and interlocking coil. Independent coil mattresses require more coils while interlocking coil mattresses require lesser coils. The most important advantage of independent bed is that it’s less inclined to movement. This is good, if your partner is always getting in and out of bed. This is another paramount factor to consider if you sleep light. Best of all for this last scenario is a pocket spring style, which has no roll together and does not move at all when the other party shifts and moves about.

  5. Brand Name: Just as the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’! Well sorry, but I do not agree when it comes to mattresses. Most times it’s really worth it to go with the well-known brand names, but my guess is you probably only know 2 or 3 of these and all the rest you would ignore. Thing is, there are many great brand names out there, but as we only buy a new mattress once every 10 years or so, the names are mostly unknown, apart from those that advertise on TV. Do some research and look for an item that has all the characteristics you want. Size, spring type, warranty, fillings, toppings, firmness and I doubt you will make a bad choice!

  6. Don’t rush it! You don’t want to rush the purchasing process, as you will end up making a mistake. There exist various types of mattresses and even numerous manufacturers as well. Take your time and think about what you actually want before coughing up the cash.

    Some sales types may try to sell you a cheap mattress and would do everything to convince you it’s the best deal. They normally tell you that it’s just as good as the well-known brands. Don’t fall for that! If a mattress is so much cheaper, it might be that maybe somewhere in the manufacturing process, corners have been cut, which can be in the areas of coils, foam etc. Go for a mixture of quality and price and you will get more out of it than other ones.

There you have it. All you need to know before you make your next mattress purchase. Each one is as important as the another, so don’t neglect any of the points mentioned!

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150729Read Before You Buy Your Next Mattress

No one wants to buy a mattress that they would end up regretting after the purchase. So, the question is always how to decide the right mattress for them. Individuals sometimes repurchase the exact same type of mattress they had earlier, due to the fact that they are not sure of the numerous options out there. In this article, we will be examining how the different types of mattresses are made, with reference to the 4 leading types. At least, this would help you form a decision when you are warming up for your “next buy”.

Innerspring/Coil Spring Mattresses

This normally consists of padding layers, the divan/box-spring base and the mattress springs. Metal coils make up the support system of each. There are numerous types of spring systems on the market, ranging from the normal and supercoils coils to the independent pocketed springs. The number of coils and gauge inherent in each usually represent the quality of the mattress. Coil count can be more capricious; however, the general idea is that the more the number of coils, the better the mattress can support the person sleeping on it.

Also, manufacturers use paddings, foams and other stuffing on top of the coils to give a more comfortable sleeping exterior to the sleeper. These can range from fundamental quilting to latex or memory foam and can be many inches thick.

Memory Foam

Memory mattresses utilise plain construction methods that differ slightly between manufacturers. The term “memory foam” usually, but not always refers to the top layer part of the mattress, and maybe anywhere between 1 and 8 inches thick. This is usually supported with foundation foam that is normally very dense and do not possess memory characteristics. There are likely to be many layers of foam, each with varying properties. In addition to that, some manufacturers, in other to reduce the heat, will cut air channels into the many layers. The important differences you are going to come across when hunting for good memory foam is in the density and type of foam. Most desirable density is 4.0 – 5.3 1b (for each sq. ft.). Any density above or below the optimal density, wouldn’t be of much comfort to the sleeper.

Pocket Sprung

Please see our other article covering all you need to know about this type.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses showcase one of the simplest constructions of all mattresses. It contains only latex foam, which serves both as comfort layers and core support. At the end of the manufacturing process of this latex mattress, the foam is then cured, cut, as well as layered to produce a mattress. The bed can have a variety of covers, ranging from wool to cotton and so much more. Also, the layers may be gummed together or they might not.

They are usually differentiated on two things; the type of latex used and the manufacturing process. There are Dunlop and Talalay to mention but a couple of the manufacturing processes and the latex liquid that is used in either type is made up of 100% natural latex.

Water beds

Water beds, as we know, has been around for quite some time. They come in both soft-side waterbeds that can be used with a model furniture and also hard-side wood frame editions. The water chamber can be “waveless” or “free-flow”. In the “free flow”, nothing obstructs the flow of water in the water chamber, while it is not so in the “waveless”.

That’s about the basics you need to know on how different types of mattresses are made. I sincerely believe that forming a decision on the type of mattress that is good for you, wouldn’t be so hard after reading this article. So, explore your alternatives!

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150726When you are on the look-out for a new mattress, no doubt most of the information you will come across are how good the pocket springs mattresses are in any specific model and the knowledge behind the design. However, the base of all spring mattresses is the wire used in manufacturing of that actual spring. Let’s examine the basics on how pocket spring mattresses are made and this would refer to a largely available mass produced pocket spring mattresses.

The Pocket Spring Counts
The counts of pocket spring mattresses are usually determined by the actual number of springs in a bed. An example is when a single mattress is said to have 1000 pocket springs. It’s all about the spring count when it comes to pocket spring mattresses. And if you are aware of the count, then you can’t go wrong with your purchase. Although you will also find that it may say 1000 springs “based on a king sized item” so it is also about the amount per size.

The minimal number of pocket springs in a mattress is usually 600 springs. This level of spring count is normally on starter pocket sprung mattresses. That’s about a good example of the value of any pocket sprung unit. The retail price of this range of pocket spring mattresses might be low – but the level of quality will be so much better than other type of mattress utilizing a continuous coil or open coil retailing at the same selling price.

The maximum springs in a pocket sprung mattress of a king-sized bed is 2000 on one layer. More than this count usually means the manufacturer is utilizing a Suspension Sprung Unit or even using mini springs to multiply the spring count. If you are in the market for a pocket spring mattress and you notice more than 2000 pocket springs in a single mattress while reading the description, make sure to ask the sales person how this was achieved, so don’t be fooled! ;)

You need to understand also, that the only discerning factor between many types of mattresses is the type of springs used and how they are constructed. The springs will basically be the same, but how they are constructed will give you enough differentiating factors into thinking one particular product is better than the competition. Different gauge springs and what they are mad of is a contributing factor in the end product. Not all springs are the same.

One thing about pocket springs is that, whether it’s 2000 or 1500 or 1000 pocket sprung unit, it will mostly look the same from about 85% of all the manufacturers. It is the upholstery used in the manufacturing process that makes the whole difference, both in quality and price. This is all about toppings, coverings and also fillings, all which make a great deal of difference to the end feel of the unit.

The total spring counts ranges from 600 – 2000 pockets per unit. The higher the spring count, the smaller the diameter spring, while the lower the spring count, the higher, the diameter spring. The real differentiating factor between the 2000 pocket springs and 1000 pocket springs is in the tension of the said spring. As there is no hard rule on the standard wire used on a specific spring count, a 2000 pocket sprung mattress might use a firm spring – about 1.5mm or even a softer one of about 1.2mm. More often than not, this information will be readily available in the specs.

To sum up.

That’s about the basics of the make-up of pocket sprung mattresses. Anything further than this would really be technical and I believe you have more than enough info here to make sure you purchase the correct item.

All in all, pocket spring mattresses are always a ‘great-buy’.

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150721So it’s now summer and the nights are warm/hot in your bed/bedroom. So we have provided you with some top tips on how to keep cool and sleep well.

Heat for many of us prevents a good night’s sleep and can be very frustrating trying to keep cool.

If you are one of these many, many sufferers who find it hard to sleep in the heat, read below and we wish you a great night’s sleep! ☺

Take a cool shower

A cool ( not cold ) shower will lower your body temperature.

This is a very simple an easy way to start your night in bed off to a great start, feeling refreshed also calms you down to get ready for bed and thus good sleep. Even if you do not wish to shower, a cold flannel on your neck, face, hands, wrists and feet will also assist in the same way.

Choose the right mattress

Full on foam based mattresses can be very warm, which is good for some in the colder months, but can be a nuisance in the warmer ones!

If you suffer from being a hotty ( no not what you are thinking ☺ ) in the bedroom, then avoid full on foam mattresses and instead go for either spring based ( coils or pocket sprung ) type, or there are also now some very good spring/foam covered types with modern cooling mechanisms within to help prevent the old problem of wanting foam, yet not liking the heat. A mattress with good vents and top cover also assist in getting the best of both worlds when possible.

Quality bedding

Good quality sheets and duvet covers made of cotton and not man-made fibres are also a great help in keeping cooler. Seek out items with as high a thread count as you can afford, not only do the feel cooler in the summer, but are also much nicer on the skin, once again making you feel in a better state to get better sleep.

Other heat sources

Oh so often people forget that things like TV’s and computers/screens pump out heat, so TURN THEM OFF!

Just like many of us, electrical equipment is not happy about being hot, hence why they often have fans in them to keep cool, yet those fans pump out the heat into the room, making you hotter. So turn them off and not only be cooler, but save some money on electric too!

Close the curtains

Keeping the curtains closed during the day will assist in keeping the heat out of the bedroom. Think of houses in the Mediterranean that have shutters on the windows, they are not there just to look nice ;)

Blocking out the heat is a very simple thing to do and has major benefits if you suffer at night with the heat.

Open them back up, along with the windows when the temperature has moved to cool and allow that into the room for best effect.

Use a quality fan

Some fans can be very noisy and thus make you stay awake from the noise, but a good quality fan on a low setting will help in the movement of air around the room. Circulation of air is just as important as cold air, stale air is not pleasant and can make you wake up with a tight chest, sore throat etc. just beware that if you turn the fan up too high and make the air too cold, you may end up with a stiff neck if it is blowing toward you.


Make sure you drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Not only is this good at night when hot, but also great as we all know for health and wellbeing purposes. The healthier you feel, the better you should sleep. Once again, simple yet effective.

Lay off the booze

Alcohol also dehydrates the body and should whenever possible be avoided on the hottest nights/eves. If you must have some, then make sure you then down at least a pint of water before hitting the hay, but the more the better and keep a glass by the side of the bed should you wake up thirsty.

Have any tips of your own, let us know in the comment box below



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150622Well we have done it

The best of the UK's mattress manufacturers have chosen us to stock their items and more names are still coming in, how proud we are!

The stock is list growing nicely and the site is looking awesome on all devices.

Google has indexed all our pages in no time at all, due to the interest in what we have to offer and very kind people sharing our services on social media.

Our online mattress store is bound for great things and we aim to be at the forefront of the market with our great product lines.

So big thanks to all those who have got it under way and getting popular so quickly.

Many thanks from James & Ed and hoping you all sleep a very sound sleep on our top quality products.


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