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150721So it’s now summer and the nights are warm/hot in your bed/bedroom. So we have provided you with some top tips on how to keep cool and sleep well.

Heat for many of us prevents a good night’s sleep and can be very frustrating trying to keep cool.

If you are one of these many, many sufferers who find it hard to sleep in the heat, read below and we wish you a great night’s sleep! ☺

Take a cool shower

A cool ( not cold ) shower will lower your body temperature.

This is a very simple an easy way to start your night in bed off to a great start, feeling refreshed also calms you down to get ready for bed and thus good sleep. Even if you do not wish to shower, a cold flannel on your neck, face, hands, wrists and feet will also assist in the same way.

Choose the right mattress

Full on foam based mattresses can be very warm, which is good for some in the colder months, but can be a nuisance in the warmer ones!

If you suffer from being a hotty ( no not what you are thinking ☺ ) in the bedroom, then avoid full on foam mattresses and instead go for either spring based ( coils or pocket sprung ) type, or there are also now some very good spring/foam covered types with modern cooling mechanisms within to help prevent the old problem of wanting foam, yet not liking the heat. A mattress with good vents and top cover also assist in getting the best of both worlds when possible.

Quality bedding

Good quality sheets and duvet covers made of cotton and not man-made fibres are also a great help in keeping cooler. Seek out items with as high a thread count as you can afford, not only do the feel cooler in the summer, but are also much nicer on the skin, once again making you feel in a better state to get better sleep.

Other heat sources

Oh so often people forget that things like TV’s and computers/screens pump out heat, so TURN THEM OFF!

Just like many of us, electrical equipment is not happy about being hot, hence why they often have fans in them to keep cool, yet those fans pump out the heat into the room, making you hotter. So turn them off and not only be cooler, but save some money on electric too!

Close the curtains

Keeping the curtains closed during the day will assist in keeping the heat out of the bedroom. Think of houses in the Mediterranean that have shutters on the windows, they are not there just to look nice ;)

Blocking out the heat is a very simple thing to do and has major benefits if you suffer at night with the heat.

Open them back up, along with the windows when the temperature has moved to cool and allow that into the room for best effect.

Use a quality fan

Some fans can be very noisy and thus make you stay awake from the noise, but a good quality fan on a low setting will help in the movement of air around the room. Circulation of air is just as important as cold air, stale air is not pleasant and can make you wake up with a tight chest, sore throat etc. just beware that if you turn the fan up too high and make the air too cold, you may end up with a stiff neck if it is blowing toward you.


Make sure you drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Not only is this good at night when hot, but also great as we all know for health and wellbeing purposes. The healthier you feel, the better you should sleep. Once again, simple yet effective.

Lay off the booze

Alcohol also dehydrates the body and should whenever possible be avoided on the hottest nights/eves. If you must have some, then make sure you then down at least a pint of water before hitting the hay, but the more the better and keep a glass by the side of the bed should you wake up thirsty.

Have any tips of your own, let us know in the comment box below




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