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150726When you are on the look-out for a new mattress, no doubt most of the information you will come across are how good the pocket springs mattresses are in any specific model and the knowledge behind the design. However, the base of all spring mattresses is the wire used in manufacturing of that actual spring. Let’s examine the basics on how pocket spring mattresses are made and this would refer to a largely available mass produced pocket spring mattresses.

The Pocket Spring Counts
The counts of pocket spring mattresses are usually determined by the actual number of springs in a bed. An example is when a single mattress is said to have 1000 pocket springs. It’s all about the spring count when it comes to pocket spring mattresses. And if you are aware of the count, then you can’t go wrong with your purchase. Although you will also find that it may say 1000 springs “based on a king sized item” so it is also about the amount per size.

The minimal number of pocket springs in a mattress is usually 600 springs. This level of spring count is normally on starter pocket sprung mattresses. That’s about a good example of the value of any pocket sprung unit. The retail price of this range of pocket spring mattresses might be low – but the level of quality will be so much better than other type of mattress utilizing a continuous coil or open coil retailing at the same selling price.

The maximum springs in a pocket sprung mattress of a king-sized bed is 2000 on one layer. More than this count usually means the manufacturer is utilizing a Suspension Sprung Unit or even using mini springs to multiply the spring count. If you are in the market for a pocket spring mattress and you notice more than 2000 pocket springs in a single mattress while reading the description, make sure to ask the sales person how this was achieved, so don’t be fooled! ;)

You need to understand also, that the only discerning factor between many types of mattresses is the type of springs used and how they are constructed. The springs will basically be the same, but how they are constructed will give you enough differentiating factors into thinking one particular product is better than the competition. Different gauge springs and what they are mad of is a contributing factor in the end product. Not all springs are the same.

One thing about pocket springs is that, whether it’s 2000 or 1500 or 1000 pocket sprung unit, it will mostly look the same from about 85% of all the manufacturers. It is the upholstery used in the manufacturing process that makes the whole difference, both in quality and price. This is all about toppings, coverings and also fillings, all which make a great deal of difference to the end feel of the unit.

The total spring counts ranges from 600 – 2000 pockets per unit. The higher the spring count, the smaller the diameter spring, while the lower the spring count, the higher, the diameter spring. The real differentiating factor between the 2000 pocket springs and 1000 pocket springs is in the tension of the said spring. As there is no hard rule on the standard wire used on a specific spring count, a 2000 pocket sprung mattress might use a firm spring – about 1.5mm or even a softer one of about 1.2mm. More often than not, this information will be readily available in the specs.

To sum up.

That’s about the basics of the make-up of pocket sprung mattresses. Anything further than this would really be technical and I believe you have more than enough info here to make sure you purchase the correct item.

All in all, pocket spring mattresses are always a ‘great-buy’.


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