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150729Read Before You Buy Your Next Mattress

No one wants to buy a mattress that they would end up regretting after the purchase. So, the question is always how to decide the right mattress for them. Individuals sometimes repurchase the exact same type of mattress they had earlier, due to the fact that they are not sure of the numerous options out there. In this article, we will be examining how the different types of mattresses are made, with reference to the 4 leading types. At least, this would help you form a decision when you are warming up for your “next buy”.

Innerspring/Coil Spring Mattresses

This normally consists of padding layers, the divan/box-spring base and the mattress springs. Metal coils make up the support system of each. There are numerous types of spring systems on the market, ranging from the normal and supercoils coils to the independent pocketed springs. The number of coils and gauge inherent in each usually represent the quality of the mattress. Coil count can be more capricious; however, the general idea is that the more the number of coils, the better the mattress can support the person sleeping on it.

Also, manufacturers use paddings, foams and other stuffing on top of the coils to give a more comfortable sleeping exterior to the sleeper. These can range from fundamental quilting to latex or memory foam and can be many inches thick.

Memory Foam

Memory mattresses utilise plain construction methods that differ slightly between manufacturers. The term “memory foam” usually, but not always refers to the top layer part of the mattress, and maybe anywhere between 1 and 8 inches thick. This is usually supported with foundation foam that is normally very dense and do not possess memory characteristics. There are likely to be many layers of foam, each with varying properties. In addition to that, some manufacturers, in other to reduce the heat, will cut air channels into the many layers. The important differences you are going to come across when hunting for good memory foam is in the density and type of foam. Most desirable density is 4.0 – 5.3 1b (for each sq. ft.). Any density above or below the optimal density, wouldn’t be of much comfort to the sleeper.

Pocket Sprung

Please see our other article covering all you need to know about this type.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses showcase one of the simplest constructions of all mattresses. It contains only latex foam, which serves both as comfort layers and core support. At the end of the manufacturing process of this latex mattress, the foam is then cured, cut, as well as layered to produce a mattress. The bed can have a variety of covers, ranging from wool to cotton and so much more. Also, the layers may be gummed together or they might not.

They are usually differentiated on two things; the type of latex used and the manufacturing process. There are Dunlop and Talalay to mention but a couple of the manufacturing processes and the latex liquid that is used in either type is made up of 100% natural latex.

Water beds

Water beds, as we know, has been around for quite some time. They come in both soft-side waterbeds that can be used with a model furniture and also hard-side wood frame editions. The water chamber can be “waveless” or “free-flow”. In the “free flow”, nothing obstructs the flow of water in the water chamber, while it is not so in the “waveless”.

That’s about the basics you need to know on how different types of mattresses are made. I sincerely believe that forming a decision on the type of mattress that is good for you, wouldn’t be so hard after reading this article. So, explore your alternatives!


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