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150626Do I Need a New Mattress? – Types of Mattresses

You will agree with us that the base of any great sleep is having a nice and very comfortable mattress to sleep in. Researchers have proven that having the right mattress that suits you might be the difference between waking up feeling well relaxed and waking up feeling sore and still tired. We totally agree with that.

However, if you have been using your mattress for quite some time, you might be wondering if it’s time to change your mattress and get a new one. Well, beds don’t last a lifetime but, if you have had your mattress for several years, you might want to evaluate your comfort level with it. Mattresses are supposed to provide us with relaxation, comfort, support and a good sleep. If you aren’t getting these, then you definitely need a new mattress.

Do I Need a New Mattress?

Consider the following…

  • Have you woken up in the morning feeling pains in your body?
  • Do you have a mattress that is lumpy and saggy?
  • Have you been using your mattress for several years (seven years and above)?
  • Does your mattress provide you with less comfort than it used to?

If you answer “YES” to any of the above questions, then you definitely need a new mattress! Yes, it is time to get a new one. You should look forward to sleeping on your bed after the day’s work and stress that comes with it and not the other way round. I do.

Mattresses come with different types of interiors and covering materials. The particular type you finally choose would depend on your need. Brief information about the different types of mattresses is provided below.

Types of Mattresses

Coilspring Mattress

This is a type of mattress that makes use of steel coil brace (support) system. Manufacturers of mattresses normally present many types of brace systems and that includes units that have its springs connected into a single unit and "pocket sprung" that are completely separate to stop roll together. The type of coil criterion, spring shapes, number of springs and design in a certain mattress can differ. Fiber, various types of foams, and small layers of steel springs are types of padding that are contained within innerspring mattresses. The larger the amount of pockets that mattresses have, the more the brace and even distribution, and this makes for a more comfortable bed for the sleeper.

Foam/Memory Mattresses

Foam mattresses are one of the most common type of mattresses in many parts of the world. They usually use various types of foam as its brace (support) system. The foam contained within can be latex, visco elastic (memory), polyurethane or other materials. The foam mattresses come in different types of shapes and thicknesses that offer different levels of comfort to the sleeper. A lot do not like foam as it gets hot and this is not pleasant in the summertime, yet other prefer it to be this way as they like it hot! :) that said, if you look at the descriptions and specifications of each style, you will find that there is a choice of much coller versions now.

Hybrid Mattresses

All hybrid mattresses incorporate both steel coil brace (support) system with two or three types of foam that might include any of memory foam, latex foam, gel containing foam and also other materials.

Waterbed Mattresses

These types of mattress use a water chamber as its main brace system. There are basically two types of waterbeds that manufactures offer; the cottony-sided (soft-sided) and the hard-sided beds. A cottony-sided bed usually has a water apartment inside a frame of strong foam, which is zipped inside a fiber casing. On the other hand, hard-sided bed has its water apartment inside a wood-like rectangular frame. The water apartment is usually covered by foam and fiber materials. Both cottony-sided beds and hard-sided beds are normally rested on top of a certain platform. The water chambers in both beds can be “waveless” (nothing blocks the flow of water) or “free flow” (fibers limit the flow of water). If you can put up with the noise and movement, it is still unlikely you will get the right support and a good nights sleep. More gimmick and fun than real comfort we think?

Gel Mattresses

This is a type of mattress that contains gel in its brace system or upholstery layers. Different types of technology are used to add gel to the foam. Not much different to a waterbed in many ways and we are not fans.

Air Beds

These are beds that use air chamber that is adjustable as its brace system. The air apartment of the air beds are covered with padding materials. This is a type of bed that you can actually adjust to suit the way you sleep. Very much like a conventional bed, you can set each side of the bed to your desired firmness. Mostly seen being used for camping in the UK. Or similarly left in a field after a festival.

Basically the most simple type, which is essentially a large sock stuff to the hilt with wadding of some type. Can be very comfy in the short term, but do need plenty of turning to keep their shape.

Ranging from Supersoft to Extra firm and all the bits in between. Different types come in different amounts of firmness. It used to be said that very firm was the best for a bad back, but recent studies have shown that this might only be a temporary fix and it is better to go for medium in the long term, as a very hard type can do more harm than good over long periods. That said, how firm you want your mattress is a very personal thing and not for anyone else to advise, you like what you like and that is that!


So there you go, a quick look at the many types of mattresses available, we hope that takes away some of the pain in choosing the right one for you.



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